The Situation


Regarding the live web-stream, we’ve run into serious difficulties. We’ve decided not to go into details at this time, but you can use your imagination.  It has become impossible to web-Stream.

We are, however, able to film the conference in HD. We are going to make the videos available to everyone online shortly.

I speak for everyone involved with NPItv, when I say that it pains us not to deliver what we promised — namely, a live web-stream on the two days of the event and a available download shortly thereafter.

We hope that we can make it up to everyone who paid for the web-stream — i.e. everyone who purchased the conference before the publishing of this message at 2:30 PM (EST) on Saturday, Feb. 5 — by sending them free DVDs of the conference, on top of the download. We will also offer them gift certificates granting 20 percent off books in the Washington Summit Publishers library.

To all those expecting the live web-stream, please accept NPItv’s sincerest apology.  We are dedicated to offering live web-streams. This terrible experience has taught us how to avoid such difficulties in the future.

Sincerely yours,

Richard Spencer


John Derbyshire:

Charlotte City Council member (and Mayor Pro Tem) Patrick Cannon, who is black, sent a few emails to city hotels, and now Jared’s conference is homeless. Cannon’s behavior was disgraceful—a politician dictating which private groups with whom a hotel can do business—and quite possibly illegal, but plainly he doesn’t care. He knows he will not be called out on his actions by anyone who can cause him political harm, certainly not by his constituents.

And this, just after I got through congratulating Jared (humorously) on having garnered publicity for his conference from the Tucson shooting. The story going around—reported on, for example, Fox News—was that Jared Loughner, the Tucson shooter, had some connection with American Renaissance. The story was completely false. Jared Taylor himself attributed its origin to some dimwitted Homeland Security clerk getting his Jareds confused: “Jared isn’t that common a name; it’s just the sort of coincidence computer algorithms look for….”

Discussing this with a mutual friend, the friend sighed: “Jared is hopelessly ‘white.’”

We know what he means. Jared’s working assumptions are that issues of race and citizenship—“the National Question”—can be discussed calmly in rooms full of well-dressed people with good manners who share understandings reached by dispassionately scrutinizing evidence through open debate. Filling those rooms and feeding those people can arranged via private agreements with commercial interests, free from political interference and protected by authorities from violent harassment.

There is a sense in which those assumptions are indeed “white,” which is to say, of European provenance. It is true that non-Europeans can conduct themselves like that: NAACP, La Raza, or Asian American Journalists Association conferences are probably conducted with a similar sense of decorum. It is likewise true that Europeans frequently do not manage things in such a bourgeois fashion: The mostly white leftists who broke up Jared’s conference last year would be a case in point, and European history provides many others.

The genteel, Taylorish way of doing things is, in fact, unhuman. It goes against our natural propensities. Very few races or nations can maintain it for long. Most human actions are emotion-driven; most human beliefs are built on magic, superstition, wishful thinking, social striving, and personal feelings. It may be that you do A or believe B because you have been persuaded in reasoned discussion that A is a proper course of action and B is most likely true. But much, much more often, A is prompted by your deep brain stem without any conscious thought being involved, while B appeals because X, whom you love, believes B, or because Y, whom you hate, believes not-B.

“The dissident’s dream is that one day the great mass of people will come to see things his way. That practically never happens.”

Wherever the Taylor mode persists, it is because Europeans got the ball rolling, establishing the necessary rules and restraints. As a social phenomenon, science is Taylorian, and its 17th-century origins—the Royal Society and the Académie des sciences—are perfectly European. (Again, it took Europeans 2,000 years to get there. But nobody else ever got there, nor even close to there, under their own steam.)

The more “normal,” universally human way of doing things was on display in the events surrounding this year’s and last year’s American Renaissance conferences. Powerful tribal elders threaten to withhold goods they control, or fierce young braves enforce tribal taboos while the elders look on with indulgent approval. To imagine that reason and law could stand against such primal forces was naive, as well as quaintly “white.”

Jared excites strong emotions—an odd thing, as he is a polite and good-natured man whose opinions are merely unpopular, not outrageous. Any time I mention him I get emails, often from mainstream conservative types, taking him to task for something or other at considerable length. Often these emails have some point to them, but it’s always a picayune point, and I find myself wondering why it generated sufficient mental energy to produce a thousand words of close argumentation.

The reason is that Jared’s opinions violate tribal taboos. There never was a human society without taboos. Since it is not easy to tell where respect for taboos ends and everyday good manners begin, one could argue that taboo-violators are ill-mannered. (Knowing Jared, I am sure this would wound him more deeply than any accusation of “racism.”)

Jared is a type with whom I have been long familiar. He is a dissident.

Shadow Conference

AmRen is canceled; however, a number of die-hards (I mean that as high praise)  still plan to congregate in Charlotte on Saturday.  They’re calling it the “American Dark Age Meetup,” and they’re running the show much like a “flash mob” — or rather “David Irving-style”: everyone who RSVPs to the Facebook group will be checked out, and the exact location will be revealed at the last moment to assure discretion.  The great Matt Parrott is in charge.

Here’s the link to the Facebook group:

This is a group for people who intended to attend the American Renaissance 2011 Conference. We are arranging an alternate venue. Needless to say, this is not an official substitute for the original conference, and we can’t provide too many details about the arrangement. Please join this group if you will be in Charlotte, anyway, and would like to meet with fellow race realists.

We Will Fight — and Stream — On!

I just sent out this release on behalf of Under the circumstances, we should count our holding of a virtual conference to be a small victory.

The 2011 American Renaissance conference has been cancelled.

An elected official — in this case Charlotte Mayor Pro-Tem Patrick Cannon — has succeeded in compelling a hotel to renege on a contract and convinced its competitors to blackball a law-abiding organization interested in holding an educational gathering.

This episode should alarm not only the movement for European identity but all decent people who want to live in a free society.

AmRen and NPI remain defiant. And as promised, the web-stream will go on!

Each scheduled talk will be remotely web-cast and filmed in high definition for subsequent download.

It’s a great disappointment that the AmRen community won’t be able to congregate in Charlotte this weekend, but it’s some consolation that NPI is able to offer beautiful, informative videos of the planned speeches — and make them available to the world.

You can sign up now at to watch the virtual conference LIVE, beginning at 10 AM on Saturday, February 5. We ask only for a contribution of $10 to The National Policy Institute to view the stream.  And remember, all those who sign up will be able download the videos later for free and enjoy them with family and friends.

We will fight on!


Richard Spencer
Executive Director
The National Policy Institute

The OPP Revels

From the One People’s Project,

The following is the email being sent out to those registered to the 2011 American Reniassance Conference. On the day that Charlotte gained the 2012 Democratic Convention, they lost another, less significant conference. The American Renaissance Conference will be forgotten by Charlotte soon, and we don’t believe that Jared Taylor will have much to work way regarding a lawsuit. For the second time AmRen was stopped, and this will continue to be the case so long as people make it clear that they or their community will not have anything to do with the likes of the scum that attend these things. And as a symbolic note: February 4th, the day that AmRen was to start, is the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the Confederate States of America. Now on that day we can reflect on how we kept that old South from rising again. And screw that nonsense about them not having their freedom of speech. Were it not for them using it, we would not have known just how sick and depraved those attendees are. And to that end we all used our freedom of speech to win the day. Meanwhile as it goes with white supremacists, while they crow about all the publicity they received in all of this, our mission benefits from that publicity more than theirs. If we were afraid that people would know about them, we would have tried other approaches this past decade. But we don’t because sunlight is the best disinfectant – and it all but killed this germ.


What Greg Johnson Has Learned

The Counter-Currents editor makes many good points, including,

(2) I hope Jared Taylor will not file suit. If he did, any judge would almost certainly give the opposing counsel broad latitude in the “discovery” process, which means that AR’s subscriber and donor records, and even the IP addresses of the people who post comments on their website, would fall into the hands of our enemies. It is simply naive to think that AR can get justice in the court system.

(3) It is unfortunate, but I think it highly unlikely that AR will be able to put on another conference. How many people are likely to be willing to set aside the time, make the plans, and shell out the money for the second or third time with the prospect of another cancellation hanging over their heads?

What We’ve Learned

  1. What a conference like AmRen offers a hotel chain financially is no match against political pressure and the PC police. The Airport Sheraton forewent some $20-50,000 in accommodation fees, meals, and drinks after an elected official applied rather mild pressure and some antifa scum started blogging.
  2. We need to avail ourselves of public facilities, which can’t be denied us, so long as thought-criminals like us are still protected by the First Amendment. But even a municipal conference center isn’t entirely full-proof, for if antifa call in bomb threats, cities could shut down our meetings  in the name of “safety.” Obviously, governmental facilities are a better choice, but let’s not be naïve — the government is filled with people who think what we’re doing is beyond evil, and they’d love to find an excuse to shut us down.
  3. We are not part of polite society. I heard some people claim that Charlotte would be a good venue because it’s Southern and outside the beltway…. Well, the fact is, the place is filled with “New South” liberals, cowardly corporate drones, B-grade Obamas like Patrick Cannon, and churchy suburbanites whose greatest fear in life is rocking the boat or being associated with something “extreme.” We need to understand that we are, functionally, heretics in contemporary America, and we need to start expecting corporations not to deal with us honestly.
  4. If we ever do anything with a private facility again, we must be absolutely certain that the hotelier is either on our side or totally committed to holding the conference.  We must know him personally!
  5. Finding an independent hotel would be key in this regard. Sheraton is a global chain, and, needless to say, the boys in corporate HQ are quite willing to forfeit 25-50K if that means keeping up PC appearances.


Kevin Slaughter has done an excellent job cataloguing just about report and blog post on the Internet regarding the 2011 AmRen fiasco. His über-backgrounder can be read here.

Kevin’s iteration of “the bottom line” is worth repeating:

A group of citizens want to pay a hotel to talk to one another. No boycotts, no violence, no “engaging the enemy”… just talking to one another. Multiple egalitarian interest groups are taking aggressive steps to stop  that from happening. More importantly, two local politicians may have sought to shut the conference down – probably violating some of the most fundamental rights accorded to Americans by the Constitution.


Here’s Jared official announcement that AmRen 2011 is canceled.

Dear Conference Registrant,

I am very sorry to inform you that the AR conference scheduled for February 4 through 6 must be canceled. Despite strong assurances that it would not submit to pressure, the hotel with which we had initially contracted has broken its contract with us. We have investigated many possible alternative venues but have not been able to find one.

There is evidence that at least one elected Charlotte official was working behind the scenes to deny us a venue, and our legal counsel is looking into grounds for action against the city.

We are deeply sorry for the great inconvenience this causes you, and I apologize to you personally. As the head of the publication that organized this conference, the fault is entirely mine.

At your instruction we will, of course, refund all registrations and banquet fees.

Many of you will have bought non-refundable air tickets. Generally, the amount spent on such tickets can, for a period of a year, be used to buy a different ticket on the same airline. However, most airlines then deduct $150 from the amount that can be spent to buy the new ticket. If you bought a non-refundable ticket, please send us proof of purchase and we will send you a check for $150. We do not want anyone to suffer financial loss because of this cancellation.

We have heard that because of the impending storms, some airlines are offering full refunds on “non-refundable” tickets. This offer may not apply to tickets for February 4, but it may be worth inquiring.

We are considering alternative models for future American Renaissance conferences.

Again, please accept my sincerest apologies. We greatly value your continuing support, and deeply regret that we will not be seeing you on February 4.

Warm regards,
Jared Taylor


Could someone please explain to me what a “gotel” is.

From Patrick Cannon’s email to constituents:

I have all hotels, motels, and gotels on notice and they seem to be cooperating well still.