Kevin Slaughter has done an excellent job cataloguing just about report and blog post on the Internet regarding the 2011 AmRen fiasco. His über-backgrounder can be read here.

Kevin’s iteration of “the bottom line” is worth repeating:

A group of citizens want to pay a hotel to talk to one another. No boycotts, no violence, no “engaging the enemy”… just talking to one another. Multiple egalitarian interest groups are taking aggressive steps to stop  that from happening. More importantly, two local politicians may have sought to shut the conference down – probably violating some of the most fundamental rights accorded to Americans by the Constitution.

3 responses to “Über-backgrounder

  1. Race doesn’t exist.

  2. One can argue that race isn’t a significant biological category, but it’s just silly to say that “it doesn’t exist”.
    It exists everywhere, on most every level. If you think it’s a “social construct”, then it’s still _something_ and there are real-world implications when you are of one race or another.
    If race “didn’t exist”, then an AmRen meeting would be treated like a Unicorn Conference, or flat earth society… something curious to use as fluff space filler on a slow news day. Jobless youngsters and government social workers (academics included) across the nation wouldn’t swarm to hold protests against the meeting, city coucil members wouldn’t seek to strong-arm hotels from shutting them out, and “anti-racists” and Jewish-centric groups wouldn’t post threats of violence on their websites.

  3. This found on a web site titled Counter-Currents Publishing :

    2) I hope Jared Taylor will not file suit. If he did, any judge would almost certainly give the opposing counsel broad latitude in the “discovery” process, which means that AR’s subscriber and donor records, and even the IP addresses of the people who post comments on their website, would fall into the hands of our enemies. It is simply naive to think that AR can get justice in the court system.

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