Here’s Jared official announcement that AmRen 2011 is canceled.

Dear Conference Registrant,

I am very sorry to inform you that the AR conference scheduled for February 4 through 6 must be canceled. Despite strong assurances that it would not submit to pressure, the hotel with which we had initially contracted has broken its contract with us. We have investigated many possible alternative venues but have not been able to find one.

There is evidence that at least one elected Charlotte official was working behind the scenes to deny us a venue, and our legal counsel is looking into grounds for action against the city.

We are deeply sorry for the great inconvenience this causes you, and I apologize to you personally. As the head of the publication that organized this conference, the fault is entirely mine.

At your instruction we will, of course, refund all registrations and banquet fees.

Many of you will have bought non-refundable air tickets. Generally, the amount spent on such tickets can, for a period of a year, be used to buy a different ticket on the same airline. However, most airlines then deduct $150 from the amount that can be spent to buy the new ticket. If you bought a non-refundable ticket, please send us proof of purchase and we will send you a check for $150. We do not want anyone to suffer financial loss because of this cancellation.

We have heard that because of the impending storms, some airlines are offering full refunds on “non-refundable” tickets. This offer may not apply to tickets for February 4, but it may be worth inquiring.

We are considering alternative models for future American Renaissance conferences.

Again, please accept my sincerest apologies. We greatly value your continuing support, and deeply regret that we will not be seeing you on February 4.

Warm regards,
Jared Taylor

19 responses to “Cancelled!

  1. If our nation were properly run, the Amren conference would be booked in the Waldolf-Astoria’s ballroom! Perhaps a venue in the Deep South such as Tupelo, MS or even Bogalusa, LA?

  2. I am still ready to drive from Dallas to Charlotte if even 20 – hell, 10! – people show up and we can meet and experience some VERY MUCH NEEDED CAMARADERIE. If you’re interested contact me at: .

  3. I’m willing to come and meet those hardy souls who show up.

  4. Maximum kudos to Jared Taylor for his courage, industry and integrity throughout all this. I had the honor of speaking at the 2010 gathering–an updated version of my speech is up at
    This development means that we should only redouble our efforts with unwavering courage for the posterity of our great White people. The sheer justice of our cause, integrity of our intentions and spirit of determination that animates our people will slowly, eventually, surely, meet the challenges we face. Let us always remember this, lest we ever be tempted to doubt that the struggle before us is worthy of the Herculean task. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The mission of building a higher civilization for future generations is not for the faint of heart.

  5. Richard, thank you for your yeoman efforts to pull off AmRen 2011. Going forward, there will be best practices learned and informational (if not physical) infrastructure in place for AmRen 2012. In particular, I think NPITV is a fabulous innovation — much better than a mountain redoubt (optically and financially). Please do book as many of the cancelled speakers on AltRight Radio as possible. Jonathon Bowden’s stateside talk was especially anticipated according to my buzzing around the WNosphere.

  6. I am absolutely infuriated. I just cannot believe that NOTHING could be found. Hey, just someone’s garage, so at least the web streaming could go on. Can’t find a garage, do it in someone’s yard. Set up folding chairs. Just DO IT. There must be something that can be done. What is wrong with Jared Taylor? It seems he is just giving up. Find someplace where the speakers can go ahead and give their speeches. Please, do not roll over like this. Where is the fight, the justice?

  7. A yard or garage is fine for 10-20 people, but 100-200 people need a place to sleep. Transportation is an issue. Food… etc.
    What would happen if 100 people who paid a few hundred dollars showed up and were told “call a cab, were going to a barn, it’s 40 degrees, so buy a blanket and triple-up on socks”.

  8. This is only a battle, and we must acknowledge the setback while not loosing focus on our greater goals. If we need to regroup and reassess, then let us do so. However, I do acknowledge the sentiments expressed above. It does seem that this episode presents us with more opportunities that we seem to be taking advantage of. Then again, Mr. Taylor is only the leader of AmRen and not (yet?) the entire “Movement”.

  9. I’m with the rest of you who wish to show up anyway. Louis, I’m the one who recorded your speech last year. Let’s do it again – and please encourage Mr. Taylor and any other speakers you can to show up. We’ll make our own conference damn it!

  10. We should all make sure to book our reservations at the same hotel. Any ideas which one?

    • There’s a move afoot to create a “shadow conference” of sorts; it wouldn’t involve Jared and AmRen, but instead would offer a place for our people to congregate. I won’t say any more. I’ll definitely announce it on this blog once the plans are finalized.

  11. Re: hotels. What about a couple
    of suites at a microtel as a meeting place? Depending on our numbers…

  12. Sounds good – but we need to make double sure nobody is left out of the loop. Richard, how ’bout everybody who’s interested email you his phone number and you can keep each one of us informed as to which hotel we are going to use, where we are going to meet and when. I am arriving around 7:00 Friday night, at the airport, and I’ll have a car.

  13. Hey, the press release stated that the hotel paid a “5 figure cancellation fee”. Why doesn’t Jared book at several hotels next year and let them all cancel!!! This could be a whopping annual fundraiser for AR!!!!!

  14. Try to contact as many AR conference speakers as possible and have them give their lectures at an undisclosed location in front of a camera and broadcast it over NPI TV as originally planned. We can’t allow ourselves to be silenced!

  15. Sandra McLaughlin

    Iowa is very receptive to individual rights, although we are inundated with snow at the moment. That hotel should have paid high in the 5 figures, in my estimation, speaking as an attorney, BTW. I had not registered, but planned to attend with my father. Keep us informed and Stop big brother, which includes hotels that succumb to political pressure. Let us know who we can complain to, letting the Chamber of Commerce, the restaurant associations, and various businesses learn of the amount of revenue that would have come their way, save for…….backalley deals. Ariazona in the reverse.

  16. I do not understand. The people that reserved rooms at the hotel can still get their rooms. Why not just find another hall to meet at? What is the big deal

  17. What about meeting at a local VFW? or a church? there has to be some way that this can still work. White people really do need the camaraderie. Speaking for myself, I feel very isolated. No one seems to care about the plight of our people and the future of our children when they become minorities. I really NEED to be around other like-minded folks before I lose my mind.

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