The OPP Revels

From the One People’s Project,

The following is the email being sent out to those registered to the 2011 American Reniassance Conference. On the day that Charlotte gained the 2012 Democratic Convention, they lost another, less significant conference. The American Renaissance Conference will be forgotten by Charlotte soon, and we don’t believe that Jared Taylor will have much to work way regarding a lawsuit. For the second time AmRen was stopped, and this will continue to be the case so long as people make it clear that they or their community will not have anything to do with the likes of the scum that attend these things. And as a symbolic note: February 4th, the day that AmRen was to start, is the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the Confederate States of America. Now on that day we can reflect on how we kept that old South from rising again. And screw that nonsense about them not having their freedom of speech. Were it not for them using it, we would not have known just how sick and depraved those attendees are. And to that end we all used our freedom of speech to win the day. Meanwhile as it goes with white supremacists, while they crow about all the publicity they received in all of this, our mission benefits from that publicity more than theirs. If we were afraid that people would know about them, we would have tried other approaches this past decade. But we don’t because sunlight is the best disinfectant – and it all but killed this germ.


3 responses to “The OPP Revels

  1. I doubt that many people have joined the ranks of white nationalists because of Amren conferences. They are simply an opportunity for those of us already in the know to meet others face to face and network. As for the cancellation’s effect on the white nationalist movement, it is extremely unlikely that any sympathizers are going to say, “well… I was a white nationalist, but now that the Amren conference has been canceled, I’ll just go back to being like everybody else and hate the white race”. So, while it is inconvenient for us, in no way does it represent a setback for our cause.

  2. Jewamaongyou
    People come to AmRem, and ,Alternative right because the problem is on their doorstep. It just can no longer be ignored. Once you reach this point-as you are well aware-there is no turning back…you are in it for the long hall.

    Which brings me to me next point. We now have to be in an anticipatory mode.The situation is evolving much more rapidly than in the past. Jared Taylor will get his opportunity to speak to his fellow Native Born White Americans…I am certain of this. He has got to have a powerfull and decisive battleplan when he speaks to them. He has got to frame the issue completely in terms of Native Born White American racial interests…specifically he must address the race-replacement issue the moment he opens his mouth in public.

    You would know more about this than me:why didn’t Jared use a local VFW Hall as a backup?

  3. I’m afraid, Patrick, that I know no more than you do. I am baffled just as you are. My guess is that, without a “respectable” venue, Amren could not get some of its speakers to participate. In my view, if a speaker is not willing to sacrifice some of his own personal comforts for the larger cause, then he is not worthy of our respect anyway.

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