Shadow Conference

AmRen is canceled; however, a number of die-hards (I mean that as high praise)  still plan to congregate in Charlotte on Saturday.  They’re calling it the “American Dark Age Meetup,” and they’re running the show much like a “flash mob” — or rather “David Irving-style”: everyone who RSVPs to the Facebook group will be checked out, and the exact location will be revealed at the last moment to assure discretion.  The great Matt Parrott is in charge.

Here’s the link to the Facebook group:

This is a group for people who intended to attend the American Renaissance 2011 Conference. We are arranging an alternate venue. Needless to say, this is not an official substitute for the original conference, and we can’t provide too many details about the arrangement. Please join this group if you will be in Charlotte, anyway, and would like to meet with fellow race realists.

16 responses to “Shadow Conference

  1. A commenter over at AmRen recommended holding the conference next year in Ashville over at the Grove Park Inn. I think this would be a great idea….. now, another commenter pointed out that Ashville is the most time…100 percent Native Born White American families all oveer the place. To blunt:this is a black free territory. There really isn’t any demographic constituency in Asheville to oppose our prescence.

    Then there is Boone NC..up in the mountains. There are very nice places to stay in right do the road from Blowing Rock-Old Man in the Montain. You can buy Confederate flags right down the road. Pass this along to Jared.

    Grove Point Park is a great place to hang out-in a rocking chair- and drink beer. Downtown Asheville has great place to drink beer also.

    Am Rem, and Alternative Right must hammer home unrelentingly the following message to our fellow White Folks:race-replacememt at the hands of high fertility post-1965 nonwhites will bring about a situation in the “US” where Native Born White Americans will no longer have the power to fight against post-1965 nonwhite racial oppression directed towards Native Born White Americans. This is the lesson of Charlotte.

  2. Patrick – Asheville is also a Hippie/NewAge mecca. Though it’s probably exclusively white, it’s probably exclusively egalitarian too (funny how that happens a lot). This wouldn’t rule it out completely, but I could see that being an issue.

  3. People are paying to go to Charlotte and stay at a hotel. This shows there is that level of demand (demand means how much they will actually pay).

    There should be a conference scheduled in the DC area in the next few months. The conference should not arrange hotels but instead a meeting room. The conference fee should be doubled so that there is a profit to the organizer. This will give them a financial incentive to stop just giving up.

    By scheduling Charlotte NC where almost everyone would have to travel and pay those costs and hotel, they showed that the demand level is high enough to support a higher pure conference fee in areas where more people live or are easier to get to.

    They should think in terms of profit making conferences that are in the DC area where they are based and also in other regions like New York, Chicago, etc.

    The real problem here is not the resistance to the conference. The real problem is the conference does not load in enough margin to the organizers so that it is worth it to them to deal with the resistance.

  4. Patrick – Asheville is also a Hippie/NewAge mecca. Though it’s probably exclusively white, it’s probably exclusively egalitarian too (funny how that happens a lot).

    A lot? More like almost all the time!

  5. Evan and Kevin

    I am aware of the hippie -dippie aspect to Asheville. However it’s not Greenwich Village NY. The place is 99 percent White. The Hippie-Dippie element is not all that large. AmRem ahould announce that the conference in Asheville is an Immigration Reform Conference. Considering how many people down there are socially conservative, the defective anti-fas would be outof place. This is Heath Shuler’s congressonal district. Shuler has been decent on immigration.

    Asheville is one of the safest cities in America. You can wonder around the back streets and not have to worry about being stabbed or raped. This is an area that has very strong pro-flag sentimetnts. And there is always the option of a VFW hall down there..and there is Boone in the mountains.

    One of the things that you notice about Asheville is that all of the work-with the exception of a handfull of Czechs at Grove Park-is that all of the work is done by the local White folks. The same is also true of Charlotte and its suburbs. Asheville-in a very fundamental way exposes the lies of the race-replacement enthusiasts..when left alone…Native Born White Americans manage very well without the post-1965 muslims,africans,caribeans,hindus,sihks and is all one big lie.

  6. Jared Taylor should have thrown the racism charge right back at Patrick Cannon…and the African legal immigrant who is the head of Charlotte’s NAACP..can you imagine that, a foreigner from Africa waging a vicious war of race-replacement against the Native Born White American majority. This is what happens when you let the enemy define the terms of the debate.

    In his press conference in downtown Charlotte, Jared Taylor should have accused Patrick Cannon of being a hardcore racist for denying Native Born White Americans the right to free asembly in Charlotte to discuss the consequences of post-1965Immigration Policy for Native Born White Americans. If Jared had done this, he would have made a bigger MSM is not to late to do this. And I higjhly recommend that Richard Spencer and Peter Brimeow frame the issue this way with special attention given to the fact that the head of the NAACP in Charlotte is a Nigerian foreigner waging race-replacement war against the Native Born White Maority of America….this is how we have to start fighting this batle. Jared is letting the enemy define the terms of “debate”.

  7. Kevin I. Slaughter

    A large part of the framing is being done by editors – video and text.
    Two articles from Charlotte tv station websites, when announcing the cancellation, only quoted the hotel press release and made no mention of Cannon or the other guy, the JDO or other lefty groups.
    One reading that short report would just think “well, the hotel has a right to refuse them” and moved on.
    Yes, everyone could be doing better with their message, but I don’t imagine Jared has a team of speech writers and tacticians behind him (though he does a great job), and our enemies by-and-large have weepy public sentiment to fill in the gaps where logic fails.

  8. I hear you, Patrick. Just saying, the idea isn’t necessarily a simple, easy out.

  9. Babble On in Babylon

    Follow the AmRen story in the Charlotte press:

    There have been 15+ separate articles in the local paper (the Charlotte Observer) mentioning AmRen in the last couple weeks. Great publicity: surely AmRen now has hundreds of new White readers in the Charlotte area because of this.

  10. Patrick: “Jared Taylor should have thrown the racism charge right back at Patrick Cannon.”

    I can’t agree. That would legitimize the word. People would see it as hypocritical, since Jared is obviously a racist himself (though he calls himself a race realist). His point is not that negroes should not advocate for their racial interests, but that we have a right to advocate for ours.

    The word is meaningless. Don’t use it. Don’t acknowledge it. Most of all, don’t fear it.

  11. Some say the lesson from this is we should tone down our rhetoric and support the GOP. This would be just accepting defeat. What is happening to Amren proves our point. We need to speak up more and more explicitly.

    Retreat will not attract more Whites nor contribute to a White Awakening. We should not apologize for the Amren conference being prevented with government support.

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  14. Asheville and Boone are good ideas in a way, but college towns. Why not just a bit west to east TN? They have an airport. That area of TN is more friendly, and easily accessible to many. Why does wn have a hellbent desire to meet in 98% black towns and on college campuses. It’s really bizarre.

  15. A lot of people don’t show b/c even normal circumstances, they have no desire to go to such towns. Asheville has the very pretty Biltmore also. But the colleges may well host opposition. They are set up to do so. In someplace s/a East TN, or WV or Western VA, etc., they would have to import activist, then it becomes very obvious that the locals are not protesting, but big money professional left concerns. Next year, make it easy on yourselves and others?

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