What Greg Johnson Has Learned

The Counter-Currents editor makes many good points, including,

(2) I hope Jared Taylor will not file suit. If he did, any judge would almost certainly give the opposing counsel broad latitude in the “discovery” process, which means that AR’s subscriber and donor records, and even the IP addresses of the people who post comments on their website, would fall into the hands of our enemies. It is simply naive to think that AR can get justice in the court system.

(3) It is unfortunate, but I think it highly unlikely that AR will be able to put on another conference. How many people are likely to be willing to set aside the time, make the plans, and shell out the money for the second or third time with the prospect of another cancellation hanging over their heads?

11 responses to “What Greg Johnson Has Learned

  1. Hold the conference in a non-white country. International airfares are cheap, and the conference facilities will be much lower than that of the USA. The savings can be used to hire security, if necessary. Do not use an American chain hotel. Hold it in a foreign nation because it is necessary to show that ‘land of the free’ is a lie told to school children, and needs to be exposed.

  2. Why not just outsource the entire White Nationalist movement to some bright young men in Bangalore who will work for peanuts?

  3. Costa Rica would be a good choice. Only three hours from Miami and no antifa. No one takes the small number of left-wing political activists seriously. The culture is highly averse to those who act in an abrasive, pushy or threatening manner. The small number of blacks who live in the San Jose (Central Valley) area are almost entirely low-key and Hispanicized.

  4. Respectfully: Johnson, in trying to emphasize the hopelessness of working “within the system,” has exaggerated the risks involved in an AR lawsuit. If Taylor had done some legal legwork in advance, the case never would have gotten to discovery; the conference wouldn’t have been canceled in the first place. Taylor’s response has been surprisingly naive and weak.

    Anyway, Dr. Johnson’s biases aside, this conference should have been more about teaching the system a lesson than getting together for a bunch of skull-size lectures. Knowing ahead of time that the conference would be canceled, Taylor should have had a solid lawyer prepped for months, ready to pounce on the situation and make a bold statement that WNs can’t be meekly shut down like a bunch of depressed, naughty girl scouts.

  5. What it all means is this:the pain level for White Americans will increase. It is not going to go away because of the mass Superbowl anesthetic this Sunday. Things are going to happen. We have to be alert to this. Sieze the opportunites when these events open them up. It is miraculous that America can function in some minimal way every day…it is just sheer dumb luck that it functions. But the disruptive events are surely comming. It is a evolving situation. Events are playing themselves out. Any any given day, something really big can happen. But even the events that have a smaller magnitude on the social pain richter scale evolve the situation forward.

    In the meantime, a unified and coherent framework must be put forth by our side-unrelentingly. The core of this framework must be 1)a revolt against race-replacement 2)social conservatism and 3)uncompromisingly antiwar.

    Yeah,it is going to mighty f…g painfull for millions of White Americans. Bit it is a choice they are making every day in real-time.

    Here is something that no one should have any doubt abut it:the lid on civility can come off at at anytime..it really is a very thin veneer….as the first few weeks post-9/11 made very clear.

    American Renassaince should hold its conference at either a VFW Hall or a local firehouse in the Charlotte suburbs….Waxhal or Weddington.

    Native Born White Americans can have their country back if they want it bad enough. The race replacement enthusiasts understand this. This is why they are cranking up the repression. But it won’t work if the anesthetic loses its potency.

  6. The now defunct Sachem quality of life had a big conference-very well attended- at the Farmingville VFW one year before 9/11. Three hundred people attended on a Saturday. The mainstream press was there-Newsday and the NYT-along with the hispanic print and television media. The speakers at the conference were being interviewed by Telemundo.

    Considering the over 500 hundred postive comments in the Charlotte Obsever’s feedback section to the article about Jared Taylor and American Renassaince it would be reaaly smart if AmRem went diretly to the White Folks in Charlotte and its suburbs. I can gurantee you that most of these commenters are from the White suburbs of Charlotte. Jared.hold the conference at a VFW or firehouse in Charlotte’s suburbs. I gurantee you will get lots of coverage….it reeks of populist White racial conciousness. This of course will scare the hell out of White liberal elites. They will go hysterical….and they will give you free publicity Jared. And if you do hold the conferfence in a VFW or firehouse in Charlotte’s suburbs….hammer home unrelentingly the theme of race-repacement at the hands of high fertility-post-1965 nonwhites…and massive overpopulation…Charlote is an area where water is very scarce….just take a look at yor water bill every month.

    I don’t want to hear the cry baby stuff. Jared, you gotta be a populist rebel at this point in time..hold the conference at a VFW or a firehouse..everyone can still find loging in the local hotels and motels. Do it!!!!!! Invite the media down..including the hispanic media.

    Ask the liberal media in Charlotte how many Muslims,Hindus and Sihks and mexicans do they want to cram into the White suburbs of Charlotte….suburbs that are overwhelmingly White refugees fleeing nonwhite immigrant infested areas of America. And also ask where will water come from….

  7. Ole Johansen

    With regard to Mr. Williams writing about some lawyers with backbone in the”movement”.
    We had one,I suppose most of you know who I mean?
    Yes,I thinking about Mr.Edgar Steele.
    Have we all done the outmost we could do to help this courageous man?
    I haven’t seen all that much writings about his case on White/Right “mainstream” websites.
    Why not?
    In any case,here is the website to go to:


  8. I hope Jared Taylor will not file suit. If he did, any judge would almost certainly give the opposing counsel broad latitude in the “discovery” process, which means that AR’s subscriber and donor records, and even the IP addresses of the people who post comments on their website, would fall into the hands of our enemies.

    That’s ridiculous. None of that could be relevant in any way to any of the potential causes of action they could bring.

    The only things that would be the subject of discovery are (1) communications between AmRen and the hotel, (2) communications between the hotel and parties who sought to induce the hotel to refuse to acommodate the AmRen participants, and (3) the hotel’s policies regarding patrons of other races (i.e., whether the hotel refuses to accommodate members of other races if they do not pass a political litmus test that requires them to accept political oppression). Depending on how AmRen structured its request for damages, discovery into some other areas would be possible, but AmRen would control the scope of that discovery by shaping its theory of damages.

  9. Don’t you all agree that we should give up on this White Liberty nonsense and join the enemy, who is winning at every turn? We could start by attending the Slavery Reparations shakedown conference at Emory and showing our approval by shouting “amen,” “go ahead on, brutha,” “you know dat’s right,” “lawdy mercy,” and the most important of all, “get whitey!”

    Polignano’s Emory is in full attack mode, perhaps as an atonement for giving him a degree.


    Black History is a pretty good gig, if you can get on the receiving$ end of it:


    Recovering Our Past, Building Our Future

    The Transforming Community Project seeks to mobilize individuals in every sector of Emory University in a reflective, fact-driven engagement with the University’s history and current experiences of race, gender, sexuality and other forms of human difference at Emory and beyond. These activities provide opportunities to develop new, concrete strategies to transform the University. All members of the Emory community (staff, faculty, students and alumni) are invited to participate in Community Dialogues; to develop research projects related to Emory’s history and current experiences around diversity; and to use these dialogue and research experiences to effect change in the community at large.

    The name “Transforming Community Project” begins with a recognition that all communities are constantly changing. In the last fifty years, however, many universities have faced new challenges as they shifted from being institutions exclusively designed to reinforce students’ middle-class and elite mores, with populations that are homogenous in terms of race and gender. The greater racial, ethnic, gender, class and international diversity among students is mirrored by the faculty, although to a lesser extent; and by staff. The Transforming Community Project seeks to empower members of the Emory community—both individually and collectively–to actively address the challenges and opportunities provided by this increased diversity.

    Emory University is well positioned to engage in this work. Founded in 1836, Emory was a jewel of the cotton and slave South, dedicated to upholding the slave system and to creating leaders for that system. Emory remained a segregated, predominantly white and male institution through much of the twentieth century. But today, the University boasts one of the most diverse campus populations in the United States.

    The Transforming Community Project is supported by generous funding from Emory University’s Office of the President; Office of the Provost; Office of Community and Diversity; and the Creating Community, Engaging Society Theme of the university-wide strategic plan. In addition, the Project has been awarded two grants from the Ford Foundation’s Difficult Dialogues Initiative.

  10. “and other forms of human difference”

    Have any of the big brains in the WN movement noticed the changed rhetoric? We were told to fight for equality, now we are told by the equality privileged and diversity preferenced that we must recognized “difference”.

    I guess it just became too obvious that if you agitate for diversity, you no longer are demanding equality.

    Something’s up folks, and we had better start paying attention and getting ahead of it before it rolls over us.

    Looks like the anti-racist collectivist statist thugs have realized that the genome project is going against equality, so they are out in front of it before justified and reasoned prejudice rolls over them. They know that the gods of science are daily disproving the equality myth, and they want a structure in place that keeps the perks flowing their way. Now, inequality, i.e. difference, must be embraced and rewarded. Having an undesirable genetic marker will mark you for all preferential privileges. They don’t miss a trick, and White Humanity keeps falling for it. Really doesn’t matter if we do or don’t. Our enemies now have complete control, so we are just sort of in the way, ef you know wha’ em say’n?

    Difference Pays!


    This January, it becomes one of the most powerful weapons Atlanta has in the fight against intolerance.

    Announcing Students Draw the Line…Against Prejudice

    A multi-grade art exhibit of works promoting tolerance created by a diverse palette of schools across Atlanta

    In what might be considered a sheer stroke of genius, students from around Atlanta are banding together to promote their convictions about tolerance and acceptance – and, in turn, helping to end the many ways that stereotypes, fear and prejudice can paint ugly misconceptions of those who are different than we.

    Students Draw the Line…Against Prejudice is a compelling art exhibit from students attending various public, private and religious schools (elementary through high) across Atlanta. As provocative as it is progressive, its purpose is to engage and enlighten viewers to the many areas where prejudice can permeate and corrupt, while calling immediate attention to this growing epidemic on a national and local level. Ultimately, the exhibit will get people thinking, get people talking, and help trigger shifts in perception and attitude around our city.

  11. God’s own truth about black history-

    it started here

    then went to here

    and ends up in your daughter’s house like this

    and comes out of the genome test tube obamacare transformation diversity mandate curse like this

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