The Situation


Regarding the live web-stream, we’ve run into serious difficulties. We’ve decided not to go into details at this time, but you can use your imagination.  It has become impossible to web-Stream.

We are, however, able to film the conference in HD. We are going to make the videos available to everyone online shortly.

I speak for everyone involved with NPItv, when I say that it pains us not to deliver what we promised — namely, a live web-stream on the two days of the event and a available download shortly thereafter.

We hope that we can make it up to everyone who paid for the web-stream — i.e. everyone who purchased the conference before the publishing of this message at 2:30 PM (EST) on Saturday, Feb. 5 — by sending them free DVDs of the conference, on top of the download. We will also offer them gift certificates granting 20 percent off books in the Washington Summit Publishers library.

To all those expecting the live web-stream, please accept NPItv’s sincerest apology.  We are dedicated to offering live web-streams. This terrible experience has taught us how to avoid such difficulties in the future.

Sincerely yours,

Richard Spencer

6 responses to “The Situation

  1. Given the situation, I’d count successful live in situ viewing of the talks and their recording for later delivery as a partial victory. VoR states on their website that they were going to livestream audio of the talks. Is that also no longer the case?

  2. I found the answer to my question at VoR: “Due to circumstances outside the control of the Voice of Reason Broadcast Network, we regret to announce that the live streaming is canceled.”

  3. The question which most clearly arises is whether, now, there was censorship or suppression of the live-stream broadcast. Yes or no?

  4. I’m new to radical traditionalism and find this turn of events absolutely stunning. The union of State power & leftist thugs to beat down free expression highlights the absolute spiritual and ideological bankruptcy of our political system and the reenactor radicals who support it. Alt Right…. welcome to exclusive ownership of dissident thought in America.

  5. ClassifiedNameless

    I appreciate all the work you guys are doing and keep it up. When is the conference going to be available? A lot of people who signed in on the chat waiting for the conference to broadcast on NPItv were somewhat discouraged.

  6. Sweet, so when are the DVD’s coming?

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