What We’ve Learned

  1. What a conference like AmRen offers a hotel chain financially is no match against political pressure and the PC police. The Airport Sheraton forewent some $20-50,000 in accommodation fees, meals, and drinks after an elected official applied rather mild pressure and some antifa scum started blogging.
  2. We need to avail ourselves of public facilities, which can’t be denied us, so long as thought-criminals like us are still protected by the First Amendment. But even a municipal conference center isn’t entirely full-proof, for if antifa call in bomb threats, cities could shut down our meetings  in the name of “safety.” Obviously, governmental facilities are a better choice, but let’s not be naïve — the government is filled with people who think what we’re doing is beyond evil, and they’d love to find an excuse to shut us down.
  3. We are not part of polite society. I heard some people claim that Charlotte would be a good venue because it’s Southern and outside the beltway…. Well, the fact is, the place is filled with “New South” liberals, cowardly corporate drones, B-grade Obamas like Patrick Cannon, and churchy suburbanites whose greatest fear in life is rocking the boat or being associated with something “extreme.” We need to understand that we are, functionally, heretics in contemporary America, and we need to start expecting corporations not to deal with us honestly.
  4. If we ever do anything with a private facility again, we must be absolutely certain that the hotelier is either on our side or totally committed to holding the conference.  We must know him personally!
  5. Finding an independent hotel would be key in this regard. Sheraton is a global chain, and, needless to say, the boys in corporate HQ are quite willing to forfeit 25-50K if that means keeping up PC appearances.

One response to “What We’ve Learned

  1. I live in Raleigh NC and I can say for a fact that what few large cities we have in this state are totally infested with “‘New South’ liberals, cowardly corporate drones, B-grade Obamas, and churchy suburbanites”. I’m familiar with Virginia and I know it’s the same there (as AR found out last year). I hear Atlanta and the major cities in Texas are the same way. I think AR should hold their conferences in Charleston SC. I’ve been there a couple times and there seem to be enough people who wish to preserve the city’s Southern/Confederate heritage. Granted, they aren’t willing to take an excplicit Racialist stance but I think they can be persuaded to defend an AR conference from PC assault on libertarian grounds. And of course, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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