We Will Fight — and Stream — On!

I just sent out this release on behalf of NPItv.com. Under the circumstances, we should count our holding of a virtual conference to be a small victory.

The 2011 American Renaissance conference has been cancelled.

An elected official — in this case Charlotte Mayor Pro-Tem Patrick Cannon — has succeeded in compelling a hotel to renege on a contract and convinced its competitors to blackball a law-abiding organization interested in holding an educational gathering.

This episode should alarm not only the movement for European identity but all decent people who want to live in a free society.

AmRen and NPI remain defiant. And as promised, the web-stream will go on!

Each scheduled talk will be remotely web-cast and filmed in high definition for subsequent download.

It’s a great disappointment that the AmRen community won’t be able to congregate in Charlotte this weekend, but it’s some consolation that NPI is able to offer beautiful, informative videos of the planned speeches — and make them available to the world.

You can sign up now at NPItv.com to watch the virtual conference LIVE, beginning at 10 AM on Saturday, February 5. We ask only for a contribution of $10 to The National Policy Institute to view the stream.  And remember, all those who sign up will be able download the videos later for free and enjoy them with family and friends.

We will fight on!


Richard Spencer
Executive Director
The National Policy Institute

3 responses to “We Will Fight — and Stream — On!

  1. I look forward to the virtual conference!

    I hadn’t planned on watching originally; but after all this drama, how could I not watch? I might even subscribe to AmRen.

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  3. There might be some small towns in Northern California that are conservative enough and hungry enough to resist pressure. Many people in Yreka, CA remember when a Native American fleeing from a robbery got into a prolonged gun battle with police and killed one. He was convicted and sentenced to death in another rural county, but got a retrial from the Rose Bird Ca supreme court, in San Francisco. The jury there said it was self defense because northern californias are racist. Redding, CA also has a very high unemployment rate and might appreciate the business.

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