Jared Taylor’s Press Conference

Jared Taylor held a press conference in Charlotte this afternoon in which, among other things, he called for an apology from Patrick Cannon and the city and requested replacement facilities for AmRen’s upcoming conference. There were some “antifa” in attendance, though they were apparently on good behavior. I wish that I had been there to witness this sharp exchange between Jared and a reporter for Mi Gente (translation: “My People”):

From the Charlotte Examiner:

Taylor, who calls himself a “race realist,” said that his group openly advocates for “white interests.” No one in Charlotte objected, he said, when the Latino advocacy group La Raza, which he translated as “The Race,” met there, nor did local government take action when Louis Farrakhan visited, even though Farrakhan has made statements that Taylor characterized as “vile things” about Jews and whites, such as claiming the US government purposely flooded New Orleans to kill blacks.

The reporter for Mi Gente asked Taylor if his group was white supremacist. He responded that the people of Japan or Israel or Mexico could be called “supremacist” because of those nations’ strict enforcement of immigration laws. Then he asked the reporter a question. “Your paper is called ‘Mi Gente,’ which means ‘my people.’ Who are your people?”

“Everyone,” she said, raising her hands in the air.

“Everyone?” Taylor asked.

The reporter shrugged. “The entire Latino community.”

Taylor pounced on this. “And if you wanted to associate with your people, or hold a conference, do you think you would be allowed to do so here in Charlotte?”

The reporter busily scribbled notes.

The double standard is a whopper, of course. But we shouldn’t fool ourselves — we’re unlikely to get anywhere pointing it out, no matter how many times Lindsey Graham mildly criticizes Sonia Sotomayor by asking, “What would you say if I claimed that a “Wise White Man, with the depth of his experience…”   In the minds of most all non-Whites — as well as sentimental and liberal Whites — it’s Whitey’s world, and Whitey consciousness should be opposed at all costs.

3 responses to “Jared Taylor’s Press Conference

  1. Perhaps you should follow Taylor’s lead and substitute the word “race realist” for the awkward word “racialist” to describe your new blog.

  2. My sense is that “race realist” is more awkward.

  3. On Drudge: DNC announced today that Charlotte will be the location of the Democrat National Convention in 2012. Jared Taylor really picked a doozy of a town to have his conference! Couldn’t he have found a friendlier (whiter?) place to do this? Thank you very much for putting up this site. I’ve been searching all day for news on this event. This site makes finding out information easier. I’m just anxious to find out what the final solution (bad choice of words?) to this will be. I have paid my $10 to NPItv and eagerly await Saturday.

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