Just in case anyone’s coming to this issue for the first time, here’s a catalogue of some mainstream reporting on City Councilman Patrick Cannon’s attempts to scuttle the 2011 AmRen conference.  (Feel free to add more links in the comments.)

One response to “Backgrounder

  1. I’m a regular reader of AmRen, VDARE, TOO, and other related sites, including Mr Spencer’s.

    There is nothing on any of those pages that even suggests supremacy.
    Their use of the word “supremacy” is clear cut case of – projection.
    But we’re not ready to turn to that just yet.

    The word that really upsets them most is “realist.” As in “race realist.”

    Just go to the second video, from the 5 second mark to 9 seconds.
    In that one they get right to the point and confess.
    Though of course they thought they were doing something else.

    ““The groups members call themselves “racial realists”, and that label has upset many in Charolette.”

    I have been saying for a long time now that the Left’s real problem is not so much with Whites, it’s with Reality.
    But I’ve also been saying for just as long, that the problem of Whites committed to free speech and assembly as a part of our larger commitment to reality, is not only that we’re not moblized, it’s that the only people seen defending White interests either identify as being from the Right, or are identified as such, whether they are or not. In short, what we’re up against is the deliberate polarization of any talk about race, and not just race, by a hostile elite and thier foot soldiers and assorted dependents, into cartoon versions of “good” versus “evil.”

    It seems to me that this is the problem we have to solve if we’re ever to work our way out of our current dilema.

    It’s a tall order, but I’m convinced it can be done.
    Whether it will be or not is another story.

    In the meantime we should keep them on the defensive for a change. And now we’re back to their accusation of “supremacy” and why it’s obviously a projection.
    There is no evidence in any of the writings of Mr. Taylor, Peter Brimelow, or Kevin MacDonald about White Supremacy. There is, on the other hand, evidence everywhere you look today of Jewish Supremacism, and everybody knows it. The fact that few dare speak its name is proof enough of its triumph.
    So my suggestion is, as long as we’re realists commited to reality, self-defense, and exposing the hypocrisies of our times, well….

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